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affectionate adj : having or displaying warmth or affection; "affectionate children"; "caring parents"; "a fond embrace"; "fond of his nephew"; "a tender glance"; "a warm embrace" [syn: caring, fond, lovesome, tender, warm]

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Etymology 1

Partly from etyl la affectionatus, partly fro affection + -ate.


  • /əˈfɛkʃənət/


  1. Having affection or warm regard; loving; fond; as, an affectionate brother.
  2. Proceeding from affection; indicating love; tender; as, the affectionate care of a parent; affectionate countenance, message, language.
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Etymology 2

Either from the adjective, or from affection + -ate (modelled on Middle French affectionner).




  1. To show affection to; to have affection for.
  2. In the context of "obsolete|reflexive": To emotionally attach (oneself) to.
    • 1603, John Florio, translating Michel de Montaigne, Essays, Folio Society 2006, p. 21:
      Plutarch saith fitly of those who affectionate themselves to Monkies and little Dogges, that [...etc.]

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